The Third English-language virtual telethon brought together the youth of Ukraine and Canada

On Saturday, June 12, the English-language telethon “Heavenly King” was held for instructors of the ESL Youth Ministry, cadets of Odesa Naval Lyceum, Sambir Courses of Christian Animators (CCA), the youth of the Eparchy of Saskatoon (Canada), with the participation of His Excellency Bryan Bayda, Eparch of Saskatoon and Apostolic Administrator of the Eparchy of Toronto. Young people from different parts of Ukraine and Saskatchewan took part in the virtual event. This is the third joint project of the St. Sophia Religious Association of Ukrainian Catholics, Inc. (SSRA), the Youth Committee of the Eparchy of Saskatoon, and the CCA of Sambir.

The aim of the telethon was to delve into the meaning of the Holy Spirit, focusing on His seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord, as illustrated by the lives on the martyrs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Language practice was an additional attribute of the gathering as the event was thoroughly in English. Participants had a unique opportunity to listen to the retreat conducted by Bishop Bryan Bayda. He focused on stillness as the manifestation of the Holy Spirit amidst the hurricanes of our life. In particular, Bishop Bryan focused on the life of the Mother of God. It is in her that the Holy Spirit became tangible in the birth of Jesus Christ. Despite the turbulence of her situation, the Blessed Virgin Mary remained still by saying ‘yes’ to God. Apostles also participated in the stillness during the descent of the Holy Spirit, and the blessed martyrs witness to it with their lives. Bishop Bryan concluded his mission with a song Go Announce.

The culmination of the meeting was the joint presentation prepared by the organizers of the event. Participants meditated on the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the new martyrs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Young people checked their knowledge of the seven gifts by completing the Kahoot game.

Bishop Bryan and seminarians answered the young people’s questions about the role of the third person of the Holy Trinity in people’s spiritual life. On the occasion of the upcoming anniversary of the episcopal consecration, Bishop Bryan received warm greetings from all those attending the telethon. At the end of the event, the bishop gave a blessing to all participants.

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